Ottawa Residential Backup Generators

Why Invest In A Home Backup Generator?

Standby home generators are becoming more common.  A Generac generator for your home is essential for keeping all essential elements powered during an outage.  All permanently installed Generac genertors come with autostart, meaning that your home regains power almost instantly if there is an outage.

Even if you are away on vacation, you can rest assured that your house and its essentials such as sump pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners will continue working properly.  Protect your home from costly sewage backups today by having Lightning help you choose the right generator for your home.


Keep Your Home Running With An Emergency Generator

Emergency generators can seem like a large investment, however when a power outage hits you will be more than happy that you have a backup generator. Your backup generator will ensure your home and all necessary power items continue to run throughout the duration of the outage. Home backup generators ensure that you and your loved ones have access to electricity in case of an emergency

Regardless of when the power outage occurs your emergency generator will be ready for use. Our trained technicians will install and test the generators, ensuring they are in perfect working condition. Our expert team will also help you choose the backup generator that best suits your needs and your home. We proudly serve Ottawa and the surrounding areas, including Kanata, Barrhaven, Carp, Orleans & Stittsville. Always be prepared and contact the Lightning team today.


Quiet Operation

Generac generators run very silently, and won’t disrupt you or your neighbours.


No Refuelling

Your generator is fueled using your home’s natural gas line for continuous operation.


Low Emissions

Generac natural gas generators run efficiently and have a low emissions output.


Power Essential Items

Seamless starts will keep your furnace, sump pump, & more operating during an outage.