Ottawa Commercial Backup Generators

Keep Essential Business Operations Running With Business Generators

Your Ottawa business needs a backup power source, otherwise losing power could result in a disruption of business activities, and a loss of profit. Keeping your operations running is vital for business continuity and keeping your clients satisfied. Don’t let an Ottawa power outage rob your company of its reputation.

All Generac business generators are permanently installed and come with autostart, self testing, and self diagnostic features.  This means that in event of a power outage in the greater Ottawa area, your operations will be back up and running seamlessly within 30 seconds or less. Lightning is ready to help you select the right generator to protect your business!


Save Time & Money With Backup Commercial Generators

If faced with a power outage, is your Ottawa business still able to run effectively? By investing in a commercial backup generator you are ensuring your business is able to running all essential business operations under any circumstances. The addition of a backup generator can save your business both valuable time and money.

If a power outage hits Ottawa and your production facility is without power business activities will fall behind, leading to a loss in both the company time and money. With a backup generator your Ottawa business is able to run at all times, ensuring you can always meet demand. Our trained professionals will assess your business and help you choose the best commercial generator for your business needs and size. We proudly serve Ottawa and the surrounding areas, including Kanata, Barrhaven, Carp, Orleans & Stittsville. Contact the Lightning team today and keep all of your essential business operations running at all times.


Automatic Starting

Your generator starts automatically in an Ottawa power outage any time of day.


No Refuelling

Your generator is powered from your building’s natural gas or liquefied propane lines.


Quiet Operation

Quiet operation ensures your employees can work without any noisy distractions.


Energy Efficient

Your generator will ensure your Ottawa business uses its energy most efficiently.