Ottawa Generators – Assessing Cost

ottawa generatorsWhen it comes to considering whether to take the dive into investing in an automatic generator for your home, business, or farm; establishing an idea of cost is an important factor in your decision process. Getting a fine-grained understanding of cost takes time and energy that you may not be able or willing to invest at the moment, but there are ways to establish a general idea so long as you have the right information.

Getting the Right Information:

When it comes to generators, the most valuable piece of information you can have to guide you is wattage.
There are a wide variety of wattage calculators online that can help assess your wattage requirements, but they are primarily built for the residential market. If you are looking to ensure that equipment remains powered during a power-outage, you’ll want to take the time to make a list of every piece of equipment you need running and its associated wattage requirements.

Surge Watts VS. Rated Watts

ottawa generatorsIt’s important to recognize that many devices, especially tools and appliances with electric motors, have a ‘surge’ watt rating. Because they draw immense amounts of power for very short duration during use, and a very small amount when not in use but still ‘on’, you’ll want to know your needs with relation to surge watts as well as rated watts. If you’re looking to operate machinery of any kind during an outage, this information is an absolute must to establishing a general idea of your generators cost.

Assessing Costs.

Now that you have a general idea of your wattage requirements, all it takes is looking through whats available on the market to get an idea of what you’ll be needing to budget for an automatic generator.

This will give you a solid impression of the cost of the generator itself, but there is still the task of installation that ought to be considered. For this, there is no general rule that we would recommend following to ballpark installation costs. Instead, we would recommend you take some time to call around town to service providers capable of the service. This shouldn’t take you much time, and will form a very accurate idea of the expense of installation.

Of course, we recommend you get in touch with us, but in the interests of securing the best deal, don’t be afraid to call around. If you find a better price on installation, we’d be happy to hear about it!

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Whether you’re looking to get the best prices on installation, assess your wattage requirements, or simply learn more about automatic generators and their benefits for Ottawa homes, businesses, and agriculture; get in touch with Lightning!