The Benefits of Backup Generation

residential backup generatorHaving the right backup generator isn’t about keeping the lights on during an outage, but keeping your house and home functioning when the power goes out. Don’t wait until you need one to consider the benefits of a backup generator for your Ottawa home.

More Than Just Lights

residential backup generatorWhen it comes to backup generation, most people only consider their needs with relation to the fundamental systems of a home. Things like lights, the fridge, and A/C get a lot of consideration because we interact and rely on them so often in the course of any given day, but it’s important to consider the value of a generator for other, equally valuable, uses.

Rarely do we ever interact with a basement sump pump after its installation, but not giving it due consideration when considering a generator install can prove a costly error. Though maybe it’s not as intense a financial cost, not thinking about the intense wattage requirements of your coffee machine can have significant impact on peace of mind during outages. Ensuring your generator has the wattage to handle these systems is important to manage both financial costs of outages, and the peaceful living in your home.

Choose Your Benefits

Generators are sold according to wattage. As you increase wattage, so to do you increase the cost of your generator. While it’s always a good idea to pay less, you don’t want to pay the price of not having the systems you need during an outage. In order strike the right balance and get the wattage that provides you maximum value for your dollar, it’s important to comprehensively understand your needs.

This tool from Consumer Reports is a great place to start. Not only does it give you an impression of needs/want’s concerning home power that you may not have considered, but it will give you a great idea of what your needs are for wattage.

Building a thorough understanding of exactly what you’ll need in the event of an extended outage will equip you with the knowledge necessary to maximize value from your investment. Once you’ve rounded that understanding out, the next step is finding a quality service provider.Ottawa residential Backup Generators


If you’re considering an investment in a backup generator for your home, business, or farm in the Ottawa area; then get in touch with Lightning Electric. We have the knowledge, experience, and catalogue necessary to provide you the absolute maximum value from your investment.

From selecting the right generator, to purchasing, to installing, and servicing, there is no name more reputable in the Ottawa area than Lightning. For all your backup generator needs, whether residential, commercial, or agricultural, get in touch with Lightning Electric.