Keep Your Business Running Year Round

Automatic Generator OttawaYou wouldn’t think twice about insuring your business or farm. Your livelihood is on the line, and without insurance you leave it exposed to risk. Automatic generators protect you from risk in the same way. Consider the value of reducing your exposure to inconsistent power supply with Lightning.

‘Power Insurance’

You might not know all the ways your Ottawa business or farm is exposed to risk from power loss. Restaurant fridges and freezers losing power exposes you to the loss of your entire inventory of food, not to mention your ability to operate. If your business hosts its own website, you can lose access to thousands of page views, emails, and possible customers if power goes down for even a few hours. Your farm is dependent on a variety of systems that all rely on consistent power. Losing electricity, for even a matter of hours, can have long-lasting consequences on the health of your business or farm. Protect yourself from this risk by considering a generator from Lightning.ottawa automatic generator

Consider The Opportunity for Savings

Most don’t know that having automatic generators properly installed on a commercial or residential property can save you 5% or more on yearly insurance premiums. Many insurance companies recognize the risk of inconsistent power, and will extend to you significant savings by protecting yourself from power loss. Depending on your needs, an automatic generator install can pay for itself for a matter of years, and then provide you on-going savings for decades thereafter. Generators reduce the probability of you filing a claim with your insurance company, so not only will a generator allow you to save on insurance, but also the hassle and headache of dealing with power loss.

What Choose Lightning

Automatic Generator OttawaLightning is an Ottawa authority on automatic generators for residential, commercial, or agricultural applications. Whether you’re looking to access the benefits of consistent power for your home, business, or farm; with Lightning you can rely on the most knowledgeable service and extensive product availability to meet your needs.

Power is something we often take for granted until we don’t have it, generally during a power loss is when we become acutely aware of the value of a generator. By taking the benefits of automatic generators seriously before such an event, you can spare yourself significant hassle, headache, and money.

If you’re interested in the possibility of installing a generator for your home, business, or farm, get in touch with Lightning. Whether you’re looking to book an install, or just have questions, all queries are 100% no-obligation, so call today!