Cost Benefits of Automatic Generators

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Whether you’re interested in a generator for home, commercial, or agricultural use; there are many cost benefits to justify your decision. Whether it’s avoiding the risks caused by possible power-outages, or taking advantage of cost-savings on insurance premiums, there are many benefits worth considering concerning automatic backup generators. Consider them with Lightning today.

Avoid Costs Associated With Power Outages.

power generator ottawaWhether it’s a downed sump pump for your basement, refrigeration for your business, or alarm systems for a factory; the possibility of power outages represent significant risk to homeowners and businesses alike. Spoiled food, extended hotel stays, frozen pipes, looting, loss of productivity; all of these are risks that present themselves during power outages and can cost tremendous amounts of money on homeowners and businesses. Installing an automatic generator from Lightning means that whether an effected building is attended or not, a loss of power has absolutely no negative consequences. This allows you to avoid all the risks of power outages on your home or business, and save thousands of dollars when the power goes out.

Save On Insurance

Whether it’s for your home or business, insurance companies recognize the risks associated with power outages, and often offer significant discounts on home and businesses premiums when you professionally install an automatic generator. Because they do so much to reduce the likelihood of a claim, insurance companies are known to offer a reduction of 5-7% of your yearly premium. The savings on insurance can go a long way to offsetting the price of a generator and it’s installation, especially for businesses. Coupling this benefit with the reduced exposure to costs associated with power outages, automatic generator installations make simple sense! You and your insurance provider can rest easier at night knowing that there is absolutely no possibility of unfortunate costs caused by power outages.

The Lightning Experience

Whether you’re looking to install a generator for your farm, business, or home; Lightning has the experience and knowledge you need to get the job done right, guaranteed. Regardless of the scope of your project, Lightning is ready to Power Generator Ottawaleverage over 15 years of experience to ensure you never have to worry about the costs of unreliable power. Rest easy knowing that you will always be able to depend on the systems your home or business relies on. Whether it’s your homes air conditioning, or your farms essential systems, get in touch with Lightning to never have to worry about power again.